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HDG marine stud link anchor chain grade U2&U3(ECS002261)

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Marine Stud Link Anchor Chain:

1.Standard length is 27.5m per piece,we also can produce and cut anchor chains according to your requirement .

2.Material: alloy steel, generally including CM370, CM490, CM690, or according to your requirement

3.Grade :U1&U2&U3 stud link anchor chains, studless link chains and open link chain

4.Surface treatment: self color, black painted, zinc galvanized, hot dip galvanized or according to customer's requirement.

5.The tension breaking load conforms to National Standard.

6.Studless anchor chains. Specification: 12.5-70mm, mainly adapt to vessels, fish net tenesmus, mine, municipal engineer, new established garden decoration

7.Production process: (1) material cutting (2) heating (3) curving (4) welding (5) thorn cutting (6) pressing (7) heating

treatment (8) Blind bolts (9) polishing (10) painting or galvanized


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