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Offshore Mooring Chain(ECS002477)

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Offshore Mooring Chain

We can produce Φ2mm to Φ122mm U2, U3 offshore mooring chains, accessories and anchors.

We can manufacture all kinds of stud and studless anchor chains (Max. diameter 122mm) and accessories.

In the near future, we'll be able to manufacture offshore mooring chains(upto to 142mm).

Our manufacturing capacity is 35000 tons/year and our new branch company will be commissioning in the

middle of this year and our production capacity will enhance greatly.

Products Common chains Accessory
Details All kinds of grades of marine stud and studless flash welded chains with diameter from 2mm to 122mm All specification of Kenter shackles, Joint shackles, Anchor shackles, Swivels, Buoy shackles and Swivel shackles

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