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Axial Ventilation Fan(ECS002537)

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Axial Ventilation Fan applied to indoor ventilating, supply air and other gas of

non-spontaneous combustion, non-explosive, non-volatile, harmless, non-corrosive.

Impurities property of the gas: no stickum, or dust/rigid particle content no higher

than 150mg/m, temperature no higher than 80°C.

Fan Selection Description
Fan use instructions including ventilation design, instructions, special dampers

and electrical control boxes and other four major categories of content, selection in the

design installation and optional attachments refer to the following description. The company

has been committed to product enhancements, sample and product specifications and

parameters of size are subject to change without notice.

1. ventilation design
Computer reference tables and selection of recommended Standard air changes
Place assembly rooms hall Factory (General) factory (draft) Sports steam bath places ballroom

salons bakery Theater laundry room glass ceramic plant foundry church kitchen paper places

the Office of shops (general ventilation) Toilet Treasury electroplating factories the library needs

of people and animals every hour ventilation: women, men, beasts of burden kids chicken

Number of units installed fan
1. Derived from the number of indoor units required for the number of: * the number of

ventilation / fan air flow = Number of units
2. Derived from the number of indoor ventilation fan Number of units required:

indoor volume * times / h / fan air flow = Number of units

Ventilation civil engineering office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, opera houses, hospitals,

banks, schools and other large civil construction exhaust pipe to send Ventilation plant construction

engineering machinery, chemicals, textiles, metallurgy, power plants and other industrial enterprises

in car exhaust side wall and roof type.
Kitchen smoke ventilation works canteens, hotels, restaurants, food processing plants such as hoods

and get fresh air.
Air conditioning and cleaning ventilation engineering medicine, electronics, send exhaust purification.
Ventilation of underground civil air defense projects to send exhaust air defense
Cooling Humidification Ventilation Engineering beasts farms, textile mills, shopping malls, restaurants,

rooms and other enclosed places strict cooling air supply.

Note: When ordering indicate the name, model, wind, air pressure, power, speed, install the form,

whether live control box, muffler, live Sassurean doors accessories, non-conventional.

Fan instructions
Particular attention to items

1. Fan motor casing or shell of the grounding must be reliable, to prohibit rotation in the opposite

direction to prohibit the excess constant-current operation, prohibiting lack of phase operation;

2. Fan bearings refueling frequency less than 1 000 hours / times, to prohibit maintenance of fans in operation.

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