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Automated Complete Macaroni Pasta Stainless Production Line [Back] [Search Related Products]

TUF supplies high quality macaroni pasta production line

TUF ISO9001 Automated Macaroni Pasta stainless making machine production line employs single screw extruder system which adopts the durum wheat flour as the raw material forming into varied shapes of pasta after extruding, slaking, forming by the dies. This extruder can produce large amount of various pasta. It is designed with advanced continuous vacuum extruding technology to make high quality macaroni products with stable performance with few workers on site.The pasta has features of chewiness and bubble-free transparent texture.

We have exported this production line to a number of countries and continents.

Please email to Automated Complete Macaroni Pasta Stainless Production Line manufacturer admin@tufinc.com for prices

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