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Tactical NIJ IIIA HOSDB Kevlar PE ballistic bullet Proof Helmet [Back] [Search Related Products]

TUF bullet proof helmet is made of kelvar or PE TUF bulletproof helmet is made of kelvar or PE TUF bullet proof helmet is made of kelvar or PE


There are two types of material available for our bulletproof helmet which are Dupont Kevlar or ultra high molecular weight polyethylene.

There are different standards our products comply with including NIJ 0101.06, NATO ARMY MIL-STD-662F and STANAG 2920 Ed2, HOSDB, UL Standard 752, ISO 14876.

All our tests are carried out properly in accordance with these standards.

Bulletproof Material

Aramid UD: The bulletproof helmet is made of advanced soft ballistic material, Aramid UD (Dupont Kevlar, Teijin Twaron). Aramid fibre is highly celebrated by its good chemical resistance, high heat resistance, negative heat expansion, light weight, environmentally friendly qualities, which guarantee the steady ballistic performance especially in high temperature environment.


PE:(Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene) with special adhesive is pressed in mould under high temperature and pressure. Military polyurea elastomer coating makes the helmet waterproof, antimagnetic, ultraviolet aging and  chemical corrosion resistant.


NIJ 0101.06 test results for TUF bulletproof helmet

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