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Marine rectangular windows wheelhouse bridge house


Our marine windows are produced with strong tempered glass and high quality steel / aluminum / brass material. 

They are ideal choices for marine ship wheelhouse / bridge house.

Standards: CB/T3226-1995, GB-T 5746-2014 , GB 3890-1983, ISO 3903 , SOLAS,

Material :

Main Frame : Steel

Thermally toughened safety glass.

Aluminum glass press board

Neoprene Seal




Types: Marine Rectangular Steel Windows, Marine Rectangular Aluminum Windows, Marine Rectangular Brass / copper Windows, Marine welded fixed rectangular windows,

Marine welded hinged rectangular windows.


With rich experience,leading technology,professional design ,competitive

prices,short delivery time, TUF products are accepted by more and more ship owners and shipyards.

The product scope covers marine fireproof window,marine rectangular window,marine skylight,marine side scuttle,marine sliding window,marine fixed window,etc. The material can be steel,aluminium,stainless steel or brass.

Please email to admin@tufinc.com for more information or prices.

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