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PP-20V Hybrid Long Range Fixed Wing VTOL UAV [Back] [Search Related Products]

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 Hybrid High speed multipurpose Military ,Security, Surveillance, Mapping long range fixed wing drone UAV unmanned aerial vehicle

PP-20V is specially designed by tufinc.com for security, military and police, border patrol and other users. This VTOL(Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft is equipped with triplex redundancy FCS (flight control system), which has greatly improved the flight reliability and reduced the operation difficulty. The reasonable aerodynamic layout ensures the environmental adaptability and reliability of the flight platform. Four-hour endurance, can meet the needs of long time outdoor operation of UAVs. Equipped with photoelectric pod, easy to capture, track the details of the distance, clear vision. 3kg load capacity can be flexibly replaced fitting parts to meet the needs of a variety of scenarios. Equipped with RTK, high-definition image transmission machine, effectively guarantee the safety of UAV flight and the reliability of long-distance transmission. Intelligent route system can be used for job planning and job management. The UAV flight system platform has been brought to a whole new height.

Max takeoff weight:27kg Payload:3kg-5kg
Cruising speed: 110km/h-160km/h
Stall speed: 70km/h-110km/h
Endurance time: 4h-6h
The max altitude ceiling: 5000m
Max wind resistance: Class 7
Weather conditions: sunny / light rain / snow / fog
Power: hybrid version / pure electric version
Working environment temperature: -20~60 degree C
Working humidity: 10%~95%

Power: fuel – electric

Fixed wing and rotor clever union ,simplicity of operator convenient and practical.It has the function of vertical take-off and landing, and has the advantages of carrying heavy, long range and fast speed. Learn from each other, advantages show.

Wing area and span are comprehensively optimized, with high wing load and strong wind resistance. The airfoil design with high lift resistance and high aspect ratio has high flight efficiency and good safety performance.

The redundancy design, system running three sets of Calman filter algorithm at the same time. Three sets of algorithms independent operation, data backup between each other, through data cross comparison, to further determine the consistency and accuracy of data. The system can rapidly switch the system and greatly improve the reliability of the aircraft.

Unique binocular depth map and visual inertial odometer
(Visual–Inertial Odometry) ,It can realize automatic takeoff, landing and obstacle avoidance in the case of no GPS signal between buildings, which reduces the requirements of the system to the operating environment, and has good concealment and high reliability.

The real-time dynamic difference technique and the carrier phase dynamic real-time difference method can obtain centimeter level positioning accuracy in real time. With a strong electromagnetic interference ability, flight reliability greatly improved.


The ground station software of EF3 can realize the powerful functions of autopilot online adjustment, flight mission planning and so on. It has friendly user-friendly interface, convenient operation and high ease of use.


ET30/50 is a low delay over the horizon, one HD image transmission machine, the highest 1080p/60 HD image, image transmission distance can reach 50km, 45ms ultra low system delay, support image link, control link, differential GPS correction link, the S-BUS link, a combination of flexible expansion. Small size, light weight, simple and easy to use.

G30 Optical pod have twin gyro platform equipped with 1080P 30HD camera, visible light and precise infrared thermal imager CNN integrated intelligent visual tracking algorithm can realize target recognition, high tracking accuracy, can overcome the temporary occlusion eye illusion, have high stability tracking capability. Equipped with visible light camera, with 30 times optical zoom ability, breakthrough visual constraints, as if in person. Adopting advanced driving control algorithm and mechanical shock absorption technology, the stability precision is increased by 0.02 times and the magnification is 30 times, the picture is still clear and stable.


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