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TUF Condensing Steam Turbine 1.5 MW

The turbine engine designing lifetime is 30 years. Under designing condition, continuous running time will no less than 8000 hours. The layout type is single layer. The governor adopts full hydraulic pressure regulation system.
steam turbine engine technical requirements
intake pressure Mpa (g): 2.35
intake temp. ℃: 390
condensing pressure Mpa (a):<0.0103
rated power KW: 1500
normal power KW: 1500
rated speed r/min: 6500-1500
normal speed r/min: 6500-1500
speed changing range : 80-105%
rated steam consumption guarantee value:5.43kg/kw.h
noise guarantee value: <85db
shaft vibaration guarantee value: <0.03mm
rotation direction: See from generator side, counter clockwise
Circling cooling water temp. : Normal 27 ℃, Max. 33℃
Driven motor(generator) parameter:
Power Normal : 1500 KW
Power Rated: 1500KW
r/min: 1500r/min

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